Custom Masonry & Brickwork

Northwest Classics is your first choice in the greater Seattle area for brickwork, stone walls, and masonry projects. Over the last eighteen years, we've created many custom brickwork designs for our clients. Our examples here reflect only a portion of what we are capable of.

Whatever you have in mind for a project, we can make it happen. Call us at 425-747-5208 for more information, arrange an appointment, and we'll show you some complete brickwork, stone wall and masonry solutions.



Stone Walls

Stone walls in the United States originate in New England, where the land, known for its rocky soil, had the first settlers "rockpicking" a field each spring, prior to planting. Stones gathered were only carried as far as needed, which was usually the nearest boundary or property line. A stone wall is very alluring, and Northwest Classics can properly build a beautiful wall on your property. Old fashioned, but always in style!


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