Frequently Asked Questions about Northwest Classics and our Landscaping Service

Question: What is your landscaping design approach?

We like to look at some basic key factors. The first is the style of the actual home and how we can enhance that style rather than detract from it. The second factor involves two elements: function and desire. We want to keep our landscaping design functional while meeting all of the creative desires of our clients. Ultimately, our design approach is driven by the needs, wants and desire of our customers.

Question: Whats the BEST time of year to have a landscaping project done?

Surprisingly, the Puget Sound climate here in the Pacific Northwest remains moderate enough through out the year. With that in mind, there is really no best time to have a project done. Northwest Classics landscaping is well equipped to operate year round.

Question: Do you have addresses of completed projects that we could drive by and see?

Because we want to respect our client's privacy, and we want you to achieve the full impact of our creative ability, we will arrange a tour of some completed landscaping projects at your convenience.

Question: What makes you different from other landscaping contractors?

The Northwest Classics Landscaping Company has been considered by many to be experts in a wide variety of elements and skills within the landscaping, design and build industry. There are very few other contractors that are as diversified in their abilities to perform a landscaping project. We rely very little on sub-contractors.

Question: How big is your company?

We consider ourselves to be a medium sized business. We are not a large corporate entity. We operate with a high volume per man ratio and are able to finish large custom projects in a timely fashion.

Question: We have been searching the web for ideas about how to design a new patio area. Can you custom design a new patio for us?

Yes. We can take your vision and ideas, and build on them, with outdoor lighting, water features. Paver patios never go out of style, and they add a uniqueness to your residence.

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