Custom Retaining Walls

NW Classics understands the need for retaining walls in the landscaping industry, especially in the pacific northwest.

What is a retaining wall exactly? A retaining wall retains earth, and is used to provide a transition between two grade levels. Popular in the Pacific Northwest, they are usually constructed of durable and longlasting brick or concrete blocks.

Meet Terry Howard of Northwest Classics Landscaping

Terry Howard of NW Classics has been creating custom retaining walls for over fifteen years, and is an expert in this area of landscaping. He is also extremely skilled in masonry, flagstone, and brickwork design.

Retaining walls can be custom fit to any size needed - this retaining wall also serves as steps to a garden pathway.


NW Classics landscaping example of a retaining wall with steps connecting both upper and lower levels

the upper level

NW Classics Landscaping can easily create a beautiful retaining wall for your outdoor spaces. They are elegant, functional, and are built to last.

Our NW Classics Landscaping clients love the look that a retaining wall system gives to their property.


Retaining Walls can be custom shaped and fit into any outdoor space

Dual curved retaining wall with step system

Contact NW Classics Landscaping at 425-747-5208, and let them properly install a well-designed customized retaining wall system at your residence.

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