NW Classic Landscapes Services Offered

  • custom landscaping architectural design & build services
  • concrete/pavers, driveways & patios
  • custom water features
  • custom lighting
  • hard surfaces
  • custom masonry & brickwork
  • trees & shrubs
  • retaining walls
  • flagstone
  • wood decking
  • arbors & trellises
  • automatic irrigation
  • quality lawns

When NW Classic Landscapes initially starts a new landscaping design project, they first consult with the client to discuss the design project goals. This also includes asking the client directly to identify their own landscaping ideas and needs. Northwest Classics then captures those ideas in an original well thought out design, which ultimately can be realized as a beautiful outdoor space. NW Classic Landscapes is more than capable to "design & build" a project for the client. With over a hundred years combined experience, our team can study the available outdoor area, and make landscape project recommendations, while keeping the budget of the client in mind. Remember, we are a "design & build" landscaping company.

The main goal that NW Classic Landscapes strives for is to keep the client happy.


About Trees & Shrubs

NW Classic Landscapes stocks and grows all types of unique trees and shrubs. They can recommend the best trees and shrubs to go along with your project. Among the favorite trees that clients request are the Japanese Maple, Coral Bark, Stewartia, Bloodgood, and the Katsura Tree. These trees are very beautiful, and also very hardy in the Pacific Northwest climate.

Although the Puget Sound area is hardly a tropical climate, palm trees have shown to do quite well in the Pacific Northwest. If you are interested, just ask us!

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